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Our travel agency provides some of the best competent services that will make your trip worth a lifetime.


We are affiliated to some of the best hotels across the country, and we ensure that you have a comfortable and safe stay during your visit.


We are well equipped with various modes of transportation to help you travel through the mountainous terrain of our Himalayan Kingdom.

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Our guides are some of the best professionals, well versed in our country's history and they speak your language too.

Bhutan Raewa Travels

Welcome to the start of a magical journey to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Druk Yul, known to the world as Bhutan. To experience the magic of Bhutan, we, at Bhutan Raewa Travels, are here to cater and work with you to guarantee you a trip of a Life time. Raewa means “Hope”, and our Travel Agency stands as a symbol of trust to ensure that you have an exceptional trip of peace, mindfulness and wisdom in Bhutan.

Covered in lush greens and surrounded by colossal mountains, a country balancing between the past and the future, Bhutan, is truly a mesmerizing sight to behold, and we are here to lead you through this journey of self realization and discovery. We “hope” that you get a glimpse of our Mystical and Magical Kingdom through our website .

Quam bene vivas refert non quam diu” – “It is how well you live that matters, not how long”

Tashi Delek!

  • dusit D2 Yarkay
  • Toursim Council of Bhutan

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