Our company Bhutan Raewa Travels, was established with an idea to be an out of the box tour agency, that is efficient and easy for the guests but with an elegant twist. We aim to be different than the others in terms of the services, itineraries, and the packages offered. 

As the the name of our agency, Raewa, implies, we aim to be a guardian to all of our guests to ensure safety, peace and wisdom and to be a symbol of “hope”. We also value your privacy and space to ensure that you have the best trip of your life where you can create memories with your loved ones and for yourselves. We are also aware that your interests, wants and needs are important and that is why we are willing to work with you in every possible way. 

Bhutan Raewa Travels is an extension of your family, who is here to treat you with love, care, and respect. We want to make you feel special for a special trip in a special land. 

Tashi Delek!