Tourism Policy

Tourism in Bhutan is regulated by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), and it is responsible for overseeing the overall tourism policy of the country. When entering Bhutan, tourists should come through a registered travel agent, that is responsible for preparing travel itineraries and all necessary arrangements at a regulated price (with a fixed daily tariff set by TCB). Tourists are also expected to make a 100% tour advance payment which will be deposited in the TCB account on behalf of the selected travel agent. The travel agents will receive their payments on completion of the tour and after the invoices of the tour has been submitted to TCB.

Tourist Seasons

It is advised that the tourists be aware of the tourist-season to make their trip more convenient and efficient. The tourist-season allows tourists to plan their trip. All the special festivals and events take place during the peak seasons, hence, if you are in for a cultural tour or an event tour it is advised to make necessary arrangements earlier. During the low seasons, tourists can experience the peace and tranquility of Bhutan. Given below are the peak and low tourist seasons in Bhutan.

LowJanuary, February – Winter Season
– Snowfall
– Very cold in most of the regions.
– Bhutanese New Year
– Nomads Festival 
– Trashi Yantse Tsechu
LowJune, July, August– Summer Season
– Monsoon Rain
– Landslides along highway/Roadblocks
– Nimalung Tsechu
– Kurjey Tsechu
– Haa Summer Festival
– Matsutake Mushroom Festival
LowDecember– Beginning of Winter
– Snow at higher elevations
– Cold in most regions
– Trongsa Tsechu
– Druk Wangyel Tsechu
– Lhuentse Tsechu
PeakMarch– Spring Season
– Rhododendron season
– Bird watching season
– Suitable time for trekking
– Punakha Dromchoe
– Gom Kora
– Gasa Tsechu
PeakApril– Warm temperature
– Paro Tsechu
– Chorten Kora
– Trekking season
PeakMay– End of Spring season
– Good weather
– Ura Yakchoe
– Monk Procession
PeakSeptember– Autumn Season
– Thimphu Tsechu
– Haa Tsechu
– Tamshing Phala Choepa
PeakOctober– Autumn Season
– Most popular month
– Warm weather, Clear skies
– Jampey Lhakhang Drup
– Prakhar Tsechu
– Trekking Heaven
– Royal Highlander Festival
PeakNovember– Autumn Season
– Most popular month
– Warm weather, Clear skies
– Jampey Lhakhang Drup
– Prakhar Tsechu
– Trekking Heaven
– Royal Highlander Festival

 Visa Fees

All tourists have to pay a onetime visa fee. The current visa fee per person is USD 40.00. The visa fee is subject to change and it must be checked periodically.

Royalty Fees

The royalty fees is a statutory fees that is payable to the TCB. The current fee has been set at USD 65.00 per person per night. This fee is applicable irrespective of the tourist season (low or peak season).


A statutory charge that is applicable per person per night for groups that comprise of up to 2 persons. The current surcharges are as follows:

  • 1 Pax: USD 40.00 per night
  • 2 Pax: USD 30.00 per person per night.

Minimum Daily Tariffs

The Minimum Daily Tariff per person per night set by the TCB for an all inclusive Tour Package with a 3 star Hotel accommodation including Royalty are as follows.

  • Peak Season: USD 250.00 (Royalty: USD 65.00 + Daily Rate: USD 185.00) per person per night
  • Low Season: USD 200.00 (Royalty: USD 65.00 + Daily Rate: USD 135.00) per person per night     

Minimum Daily Tariffs = Royalty + Daily Rate (depending on Peak or Low Season)

The Minimum Daily Tariffs are calculated on a per person per night basis whose Daily Rate will depend on the type of season.

Registered Bhutanese Travel agents are allowed to provide a discount of 10% on this Minimum Daily Tariff to their agents abroad. 

The services included under this package are as follows:

  • 3 star Hotel accommodation. 
  • Meals in Govt. approved Hotels (excluding 4 & 5 star category Hotels and Restaurants).
  • Fees for visiting tourist sites and museums. 
  • English speaking guide.
  • SUV Vehicle for transportation (Tucson, Santa Fe or of equivalent make)
  • Mineral water during tours.
  • Airport pick up & drop off.

Upgrading Accommodation and other Services.

There will be additional charges applied over the Minimum Daily Tariffs if any tourist(s) want to upgrade their accommodation (to 4 or 5 star hotels) or avail to extra services.