Passport, Visas and Route Permit are required for traveling to Bhutan. For travelers entering Bhutan by Flight, visa clearance is required for the issuing of Air tickets. The visa clearance number is forwarded to the Druk Air station at which the flight originates. Travelers without a visa clearance number on record will not be permitted to board their flights.

Passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry.

Visa Information:

Visas are not issued by any of Bhutan’s mission abroad. We need passport details at least one month prior to the date of entry into Bhutan to apply for the visa. Details needed for the completing visa formalities are:

1. Full name spelt as in Passport

2. Nationality

3. Passport number

4. Date of birth

5. Date of issue & date of expiry of passport

6. Home address

7. Occupation