Phuntsholing Town


Located in the south western regions of Bhutan, Chhukha is a subtropical district that experiences hot climatic conditions. The two man ethnic groups that occupy Chhukha are the Ngalops and Lhotshampas. Historically, it is place that has been blessed by many renowned Buddhist masters like Lama Drakpa Jamtsho and Lama Ngawang Drakpa from the 17th century. The Chhukha Hydro Project is also stationed in this district, which is one of the largest providers of revenue for the country.

The top attraction in Chhukha is:

Phuntsholing is a border town in southern Bhutan, sharing the its border with the Indian State of West Bengal. It also acts as the administrative seat of power for the Chukha dzongkhag. The area is a hotspot for cross border trade between Bhutan and India, acting also as a entry point to both the countries. Phuentsholing is one of the highest populated regions in Bhutan and it is popular with locals and tourists alike who wish to experience both the Indian and Bhutanese culture within a walkable distance.