Sarpang dzongkhag is located in the south central regions of Bhutan with a large portion of the region falling under the Royal Manas National Park. It is one of the few regions with abundant flat areas, with warm tropical climate. The country’s only safari experience is planned to be offered here and the there are several other attractions like national parks and hot spring, that make Gelephu a decent tourist spot. The Gelephu town in Sarpang also has a domestic airport as a plus point. 

Some of the attraction in the region are:

Gelephu is a region in Sarpang that shares its border with India making it a hub for inter-state trade. It is a tropical fertile region with warm humid weather and plenty of rain. It is one of the places which allow visitors to enter Bhutan through the Indian state of Assam. The rich biodiversity of Gelephu paved the way for the establishment of ‘Royal Manas national Park’ in Sarpang, which is the oldest nature preserve in Bhutan.

Gelephu Tsachhu is a hotspring that is known for its medicinal properties. It is frequented by local residents but during the winter seasons, people from all over Bhutan flock the place to relax and enjoy the hot spring and the hot stone baths.

The oldest nature preserve of Bhutan is also the most biologically diverse and protected area of the kingdom. It is known to be one of the most exceptional nature preserves in the world that protects hundreds of rare flora and fauna. Some of the rare animals include Golden Langurs, Gangetic Dolphins and the Asian One-Horned Rhinoceros.