Tsirang Dzong


The beautiful valley of Tsirang located in the south western regions of Bhutan between the Wangdue- Gelephu highway is known for its scenic slopes and mild weather. It is rich in biodiversity but it is one of the few places in Bhutan without protected areas. The place is dominated by Lhotshampas but the Sharchops from the eastern regions of Bhutan have started re-migrating and settling in Tsirang. The Punatshangchu river, one of the longest rivers in Bhutan, also flows through the district and one can see the largest hydro power projects in the country along the way to Tsirang. Just like Samtse, it is one the few places that has not been developed to suit tourists, however, there are places like the Tsirang Dzong, Temples, and Short hike trails for interested and curious tourists.